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The Gallery
Pics of interesting club related stuff (or not)

(Please bear with us, we are endeavouring to collect a suitable selection of pertinent photographs to display in this place)

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Nowadays our FaceBook galleries are much more up to date. You can find two of them here:


Gallery of Guests

Gallery of Floor Singers


The Brewery.
To the present, just the best period of the club's life.
Rod Calvert)

Click here for a page of Ukrainian Club
Our most elegant home.
Jim Ellison)

4th Jan 2002
Our first night at St Anne's Social Club.
Jim Ellison)

Alan Rose does a full evening in great company.
Ami Hield)








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Tony Levy
has a free launch for his CD 'The Very Worst Of...'
Courtesy of Nigel Schofield)

The 'We Was Robbed'
Our first OFF SITE event.
(Photos: Laura Hockenhull & Jim Ellison)

The first photos of The Cellar
and John Conolly's first visit to the BACCApipes.
(Photos: Jim Ellison)

Jenny gave the night to Jim Lawton & Joel Griffiths. Boy did they have fun with it.
(Photos: Jim Ellison