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The Ukrainian Club 11.5.07

We gave the evening to Joel Griffiths and Jim Lawton. Jim took the floor solo and floored us with the energy, talent and thought he poured into his alloted time. Joel brought along PigJig and regaled us with elegant and erudite arrangements of tunes worldwide, as well as his singular talents of guitar and vocal dexterity.



Joel Griffiths, bracketed by braces.

PigJig are...
(from L - R)
Jane Sanderson
(flute, mandolin, concert harp)
(fiddle, guitar)
Simon Labette
(clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone [various], flageolet, concertina)
Pete Ogley
(concertina, melodeons)

Of course all the usual suspects were there too ...

Jenny Scott and Jean Ellison help out Tony Levy. To this day we're not sure what with!

Ceri Pedrick living the blues.

Mal Jardine in a brown study.

Alan Rose, nothing up his sleeve, 'cept talent.

Tim Moon

Steve Jones, Tayloring his music for the audience.
(guitar nerd joke, sorry.)

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Jim Lawton 1945 ~ 2015